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It’s not easy being green! But we believe that part of our work as community leaders is to act as stewards of our environment for the promotion of health and wellness for all.

Green Team: sustainability leaders in our community

Our Green Team works to raise awareness of environmental issues, to change the behavior of our community, and to promote sustainable practices that support the Penn Climate Action Plan and Penn Sustainability initiatives.

We challenge our community to adopt more sustainable behaviors, and we check our progress by using metrics to evaluate them.

Promoting sustainable life choices

We want to create a sustainable environment that encourages healthy living choices. We participate in Penn’s 30x30 Challenge for daily outdoor exposure as well as other Green Campus Partnership activities.

We also replaced the fountain pump and digital timer on our green roof’s fountain for greater efficiency, and have continued to repurpose office furniture. Though our efforts, we’ve increased our Green Office Certifications to ten.

Engagement and outreach

Part of our mission is to bring awareness to our green initiatives. We share eco-friendly tips through monthly newsletters, hold open meetings each month, and provide sustainability presentations for the community. Our three faculty/staff Eco-Reps also represent Nursing at meetings hosted by Penn Sustainability. We even designed a green quiz for staff development week and successfully guided the School to go paperless!

Do you have ideas for how Penn Nursing could be greener? Contact us.