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Student Life

It’s no secret that our students are intensely driven, but life here is more than just work.

Pursue your passions

Undergrad Nursing, 2011With lectures, labs, and clinicals, it’s hard to image there’s time for anything else, yet our students are some of the most active outside the classroom as in. They participate in Penn’s Division I athletics, lead and participate in student groups at Nursing and across campus, develop community initiatives, and volunteer throughout Philadelphia and beyond. 

Support when you need it

From your first day as a Penn Nursing student until you cross the stage at graduation, the Office of Student Services is here to support you through professional development programs, advising services, and simply being here when you need a hand.

You’ll join a tight-knit community of students who support each other while here, and when they leave, transform those connections into a strong professional network and lifelong friendships.