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Ranked as the best nursing school in the world, Penn Nursing advances the entire profession, from research & education to practice & policy

Undergraduate and Transfer Programs

The undergraduate and transfer program uses hands-on, mentored education to transform what happens in the classroom to what happens in the clinical and beyond.

Accelerated Programs

The accelerated program suits students with ambition to expedite their education in order to enter a chosen career path as soon as possible.

Master’s Programs

The masters program offers the opportunity to step to the forefront of nursing science and practice in a wide range of specialties. 

Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral programs are committed to producing leaders in the field of nursing science, both in scholarship and research (PhD) and clinical scholarship and practice (DNP).

Lauren Fisher, a student in the Accelerated BSN Second Degree program in the School of Nursing, h...

Engaging the Community, One Mask at a Time

At 10 sites across campus for 10 weeks, Penn Nursing students made 400 weekly observations about mask usage, part of MASCUP, a nationwide initiative spearheaded by the CDC that includes 53 colleges and universities.


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Battling Public Health Misinformation Online

Social media and web-based news channels became a communication superhighway for correct and incorrect public health information during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study of this vast amount of information, known as infodemiology, is critical to building public health interventions to combat misinformation and help individuals, groups, and communities navigate and distill crucial public health messages.

An Urgent Need

Penn Nursing Dean Antonia Villarruel serves as a member of the ASPEN Health Strategy Group (AHSG), which just released a new report calling for a prompt response to address the U.S. maternal mortality crisis, which disproportionately impacts Black women and other women of color. “Reversing the U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis” is the result of convening of 23 nationally recognized leaders and experts across sectors, with input from the general public.