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Who are the Students?

Since 1994 the Teacher Education Program(now known at the Transformative Nursing Education Program- TNEP) has prepared hundreds of professionals to be more effective teachers.

  • Participants come from a variety of states, countries and professional backgrounds.
  • Participants are: nurse-midwives, nurse-practitioners, social workers, researchers, and advanced practice nurses. Most participants are mid-career.
  • Participants are interested in sharing their professional expertise through teaching.
  • Not all participants envision a classroom teaching role. Some will use their TNEP skills in clinical settings, non-profit agencies and research environments.
  • Completion of the TNEP leads to the skills and confidence needed to provide leadership in a teaching/learning situation.
  • After completion of the TNEP, graduates are qualified to take the NLN Certified Nurse Educator Exam.


Recent student  projects:

"The interdisciplinary teaching model: A case for midwives as educators of medical students and residents"

"Role strain and isolation of male nursing students"

"Using art to develop nursing students' skills of observation, critical thinking and enhance personal development"

Simulation in clinical nursing education: What is this new phenomenon that is permeating the nursing curriculum?"

"Critical thinking and midwifery education: Facilitating critical thought of midwifery students"

"Methods to incorporate patient safety concepts into undergraduate nursing education"

"Critical thinking: Can it be measured?"