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Nursing and Health Services Management Minor

The School of Nursing and The Wharton School

This group of courses allows students to understand both the nature of the economic and managerial constraints that face health care organizations and how these constraints can be effectively managed to provide the best possible health care for patients.

Students who wish to pursue a minor in Nursing and Health Services Management are required to take a total of eight courses. The program of courses is designed to give students broad exposure to an interdisciplinary approach to understanding various economic and managerial factors that affect the delivery of health care in the United States.

Note: Wharton students pursuing a concentration in Health Care Management may not also declare this minor.


Required Coursework

ECON 001: Microeconomics - Wharton students entering Fall 2006 or later may substitute ECON 010.

In addition, students are required to take the following from the list of courses below:

  • 2 courses from the Wharton School (HCMG);
  • 2 courses from the School of Nursing; and
  • 3 courses from any of the lists below

Nursing Courses:
NURS 134: Health and Social Policy
NURS 334: Public Policy and the Nation's Health
NURS 337/537: Foundations in Patient Safety
NURS 359/559: Case Study: Quality Care Challenges in an Evolving Health Care Market
NURS 400: Advances in Health Systems Research and Analysis
NURS 518: Nursing, Health and Illness in the US, 1860 – 1985
NURS 535: Comparing Health Care Systems in an Intercultural Context: Study Abroad (all sites)
NURS 540: Current Issues in Health and Social Policy
NURS 548: Negotiations
NURS 652: Health Care Accounting and Financial Management

Wharton Health Care Management Courses:
HCMG 101: Health Care Systems
HCMG 202/ECON 039: The Economics and Financing of Health Care Delivery
HCMG 203: Clinical Issues in Health Care Management
HCMG 204: Comparative Health Care Systems
HCMG 211: The Law of Health Care in America
HCMG 212: Health Care Quality and Outcomes
HCMG 213: Health Care Management and Strategy
HCMG 215: Management and Economics of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
HCMG 216: Health Insurance and Health Care Strategy
HCMG 250: Health Policy: Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health Care System
HCMG 352: Health Services Delivery: A Managerial Economic Approach
HCMG 391: Special Topics: Health Care Entrepreneurship

Students may also take MBA level courses toward their HCMG electives, providing they satisfy the necessary pre-requisites and are admitted to the course.  Note that seating is limited, and only courses with open seats will be available to non-MBA students. 

Additional Options:
BIOE 565: Rationing
BIOE 575: Health Policy: Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health System
HSOC 150: American Health Policy
HSOC275: Medical Sociology
MGMT291/LGST206/OPIM291: Negotiations

Independent Study:
With advanced approval, students may complete an independent study with a faculty member in either Nursing (NURS) or Health Care Management (HCMG) to be counted toward a minor requirement in the respective category.  Students who are interested in this option should contact Lindy Black-Margida if interested in a HCMG independent study or Melissa Hagan if interested in a NURS independent study for more information.


Declaring the Minor

For more information...

Students should discuss their plans with the respective school advisor. 

Matthew McHugh, PhD, JD, MPH, RN, CRNP
School of Nursing
Faculty Director, Nursing Health Services Management Minor

Ms. Lindy Black-Margida, M.Ed. 
Senior Associate Director, Wharton Undergraduate Division