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Dual Degree Programs

Learning Across Disciplines 

Penn undergraduates are encouraged to study across disciplines.  Nursing students with a passion in a second concentration area may pursue a dual degree with the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or The Wharton School. Dual degree students pursue the curricula of two schools within the University and receive two Bachelors degrees upon graduation. 

Students interested in pursuing a dual degree are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the Office of Student Services for more information and to develop an individualized plan of study.

Coordinated Dual Degree Program - Nursing and Healthcare Management

Penn Nursing and the Wharton School of Business offer a special coordinated dual degree program that addresses the dynamic changes in the delivery and financing of health care services in the United States and the public's concern about the quality, cost, and management of health care.

Graduates of the Nursing and Health Care Management program earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the School of Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Economics (BS Econ) from the Wharton School with a concentration in Health Care Management and Policy.  

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