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In order to participate in all clinical experiences, students must have completed the immunizations below. A positive titer will also satisfy the requirements.

  • 2 MMRs OR some combination of 2 Measles, 2 Mumps, and 1 Rubella vaccination (e.g.1 MMR and 1 Measles shot fulfill the requirement); students born before 1956 may only require 1 MMR and should obtain confirmation from Student Health.
  • Completed Hepatitis B Series (3 shots) and Hepatitis B Titer.
  • 2 Varicella vaccinations 4-8 week apart or titer confirming incidence of the disease (chicken pox).
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis (TDaP) within the past ten years and TD booster if TDap is more than 10 years old.
  • New Penn Students: IGRA blood test (such as Quantiferon Gold) or two-step PPD. (Note: To meet University pre-matriculation requirements, at least 1 PPD skin test of the above 2-step must be performed at Student Health. Alternately, an IGRA blood test result is acceptable).
  • Returning Penn Students: IGRA blood test or (single step) PPD
    *If you have a history of a positive reading on the PPD test, you must submit documentation indicating that you have had a positive test for TB infection followed by a negative chest x-ray. (Unlike the PPD test, you do NOT need to have a new chest x-ray done every year). Students should also check with Student Health to see if a yearly symptom check is required.
  • Physical Examination – Have the Physical Evaluation Form filled out and signed by your provider or SHS. Please note that all full time students can receive this evaluation at SHS at no additional charge as it is covered under the university compliance fee.
  • Flu vaccine by November 1 (must be completed after vaccines for the current flu season are available).
Submitting Documentation

In order to maintain updated records and to ensure everyone is eligible to enter the clinical setting, all students must do two things:

  1. Submit official documentation to American DataBank as per the timeline and instructions that will be distributed to students via email and web posting.
  2. Manually input the dates they received all immunizations and certifications to American DataBank.
**Students who submit documentation to any other source (e.g. clinical instructor, course coordinator, Student Health Services) will still be considered non-compliant until American DataBank has the necessary documentation.
Students must supply their own copy and keep the original documentation for their records. The Office of Student Services will NOT copy immunizations or re-furnish immunization documentation to students for their own records, American DataBank, or for third parties (e.g. employers). This documentation is collected for the sole purpose of monitoring immunization compliance. Students should contact their health care providers or Student Health Services to obtain this documentation.