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Xi Chapter Executive Board Members

 President:  Shelley Johnson
President-Elect Maya Clark-Cutaia
 Past President:   Diane Breckenridge
Vice President  Desiree Fleck
 Secretary:  Shantia McCoy-Jones 
 Counselor 1:   Beth Quigley
 Counselor 2:     Kim Falk
Treasurer:  Lynn Dickinson
 Leadership Succession:  Emily Hanes
 Leadership Succession Committee:  Carla Clements
 Governance Chair: Beth Quigley
Research Chair Desiree Fleck

Leadership Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming a board member for Xi chapter? Please email Emily Hanes, Chair of the Leadership Succession Committee to find out more.

Interested in increasing your participation in local and global outreach? Would you like to be a mentor? Would you like to help with fundraising? These are just a few of the opportunities that the Xi chapter has available for members who are looking to increase the involvement and add leadership experience. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact Shelley Johnson.