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Laboratory of Innovative and Translational
Nursing Research

Translating science to advance health

Penn Nursing is one of the few schools of nursing in the U.S. to host a dedicated nursing research lab focused on explorations by faculty from such diverse disciplines as: nursing, pharmacy, cardiology, environmental sciences, physiology, and more. At any given time, students in nursing, pre-med, and engineering are likely to be working together with researchers on projects that can run the gamut of physiology, nutrition, and metabolism to neuroscience.

Penn Nursing faculty and student investigators explore interactions among biological, behavioral, and social factors to advance health, and faculty members enhance their research programs by including genetic and biobehavioral markers produced by the lab. Our lab is a collaborative environment where biological and behavioral factors are seamlessly integrated to achieve translational 'bench-to-bedside' science across many concentrations: physiology, nutrition, metabolism, neuroscience, biochemistry, genetics, and others.

"It often surprises people that Penn Nursing is doing the kinds of research that helps all medical professionals better understand health and employ new paradigms to prevent disease and manage symptoms," - Joseph Libonati, Director, Laboratory of Innovative and Translational Nursing Research

An emphasis on mentorship

The lab is a vital, shared resource where faculty and students add to nursing knowledge by anchoring biological measures and gain expertise through a convergence of disciplines. A major emphasis of the lab is mentoring students and faculty who wish to become proficient in biobehavioral research methods. The lab helps to build pre- and post-doctoral activities and opportunities for mentorship into established and evolving programs of research. Through the hands-on experience of conducting lab procedures and collecting quality data, Penn Nursing students acquire a complete understanding of the scientific method.

State-of-the-art services and equipment

Expertly staffed and featuring state-of-the-art equipment, the lab is designed to promote collaboration between faculty and students of all levels and encourage translational research. Located on the first floor of Claire M. Fagin Hall (1R), lab services include dedicated space for cell culture, biomarker analysis, molecular biology, microscopy, and human physiology. The lab is fully outfitted with analytical equipment to measure concentrations of biomarkers in human and animal tissues and with immunoassay equipment for measurement of protein biomarkers. The lab conducts assays, provides descriptions of assays for grants, regulatory documents and protocols, develops new assays for projects (when equipment allows), and provides a site where faculty may conduct their own explorations under the direction of an experienced lab manager. Facilities to store, catalogue, and release biological samples are also provided by the lab.