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Penn Nursing Science

Care to change the world locally and globally

Penn Nursing is known for research leadership and quality that advances scientific knowledge across the healthcare spectrum. Collaborative efforts in our research centers – and across the University – result in discovery, development, and transmission of knowledge to impact and promote healthcare throughout the lifespan, increase disease prevention, enhance quality of life, eliminate health disparities, and develop the scientific knowledge that drives nursing practice.

Dr. Eun-Ok Im is a pioneer in the novel approach of using Internet and computer technologies to eliminate gender and ethnic differences in cancer pain, menopausal symptoms and physical activity. “With technology, my research team and I can get rich data on participants’ hidden experiences related to their health issues, which would not be possible in face-to-face interactions,” says Dr. Im. Read more »

Our faculty are internationally renowned thought leaders representing the greatest minds in nursing research, education, and clinical practice. Research produced here at the School of Nursing is recognized globally and helps to inform public health policy via articles published in a wide range of high-impact, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journals.

Penn Nursing scientists advance healthcare

Penn Nursing research is conducted through school-supported and grant-funded research centers. Among colleges of nursing, Penn Nursing's world-renowned faculty collectively rank near the top of all schools of nursing receiving federal funding. Faculty and student research efforts are vigorously supported through the Office of Nursing Research, major research awards, and the University's significant research resources.

Penn Nursing Science in Action

Penn Nursing scientists translate and advance new nursing knowledge across an impressive range of healthcare areas, including: geriatrics, pediatrics, quality-of-life choices, nurse staffing, public policy, and much more. We invite you to explore Penn Nursing Science in Action!

  • Multidisciplinary Team Investigates a TCM for Persons with Serious Mental Illness
    October 29, 2014
    The period following discharge from the hospital is a vulnerable time for patients. When hospital-to-home transitions are poorly handled, they result in hospital readmissions with an estimated annual cost of more than $40 billion, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. People with multiple and persistent mental and physical health problems have high rates of hospital transition failures. New research points to needed modifications in the transition care model that could effectively accommodate the intense psychosocial needs of those with serious mental illness. “Coordination of care during tra...

  • Janet Deatrick’s Research Shows Link to Central Role of Family in the Care of Survivors of Brain Tumors
    October 23, 2014
    ​Approximately 26,000 children in the United States under age 19 are survivors of brain or central nervous system tumors. These adolescents and young adults, who have complex medical conditions, are often cared for by family members. These family caregivers operate as extensions of the healthcare system, yet a gap exists in understanding how these caregivers perceive their competence. In the largest study of its kind, researchers led by Janet A. Deatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN, the Shearer Endowed Term Chair in Healthy Community Practices and Professor of Nursing at the University of Penn...

  • Dying in America: Dr. Meghani Serves on IOM Committee
    October 07, 2014
    ​A new report released September 17, 2014 by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) identifies the need for greater understanding of the role of palliative care—by both the public and care professionals—as one of the nation’s greatest remaining challenges in the delivery of high-quality healthcare. Penn Nursing’s Salimah H. Meghani, PhD, MBE, RN, FAAN, an Associate Professor, served on the IOM committee that was formed to address key end of life issues.  ...