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Penn Nursing Research Centers

Roadmap to discovery

Much of Penn Nursing's research is conducted through school-supported and grant-funded research centers and is closely aligned with the NIH Roadmap, set forth by the National Institutes of Health, which outlines new pathways to discovery and seeks to find novel ways to shorten the trajectory from "bench to bedside." Research produced here at the School of Nursing is nationally and internationally recognized, helps to inform public health policy, and is published in a wide range of high-impact, interdisciplinary journals.

"If practice is the heart of our nursing discipline, then science is the mind that shapes and drives it, and caring is the soul and moral imperative that guards and provides its meaning. Together, they provide the intricate framework for the evidence that dictates the care that nurses give. To make a difference in the lives of people, families, communities, and indeed, nations, the journey from research to practice must be complete." - Dean Afaf I. Meleis

School-supported research centers

Grant-supported research center