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Psychiatric-Mental Health Programs

Penn Nursing prepares advanced practice psychiatric-mental health nurses for roles as nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists. Significant advancements have been made in recent years in our understanding of neuroscience and human behavior and the effective treatment and prevention of mental illness. Yet mental health issues are often minimized, mishandled, insufficiently treated, and shrouded in fear and shame. There is disparity in treatment across diverse populations. A critical shortage of skilled mental health professionals limits accessibility to quality care, as does a lack of diversity among health care providers who may not adequately understand cultural barriers to seeking care.

Renowned for leadership in psychiatric-mental health nursing practice and research, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing remains at the forefront of the growing field of mental health care. Penn Nursing Science’s psychiatric-mental health advanced practice nursing students benefit from a holistic approach, blending neuroscience with psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, and advocating treatment of the whole person – mind and body – in the context of the patient’s psychosocial environment.

Students further benefit from close interaction with faculty for individualized mentoring and research opportunities. Faculty members plan and oversee each student’s clinical practicum experience, selecting sites that employ best practice models of care in the student’s area of professional interest. Interactive learning and seminars allow for knowledge sharing, and rigorous classroom studies ensure students are well positioned for leadership in the field.

Learn more about our graduate programs in psychiatric-mental health advanced practice nursing and about options for continued study in this growing and dynamic field.




The Art and Science of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (2:09)

Penn Nursing's Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing programs teach a holistic approach that melds a sophisticated understanding of the biological, psychological, and social aspects of mental health issues, with the compassion and superior patient care that leads to better outcomes.

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