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Clinical Practicum

Clinical sequence

Penn Nursing's Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program's clinical sequence begins with N656 and N657. During these courses our students develop advanced history taking, physical examination, and clinical decision making skills in a laboratory setting. In N658, N659, N660, and N663, students study under the supervision of a pediatric nurse practitioner and/or physician preceptor in clinical settings for 20 hours per week.

Wide variety of clinical placements

Clinical placements take place in a variety of primary care settings throughout the tri-state area and include inner-city clinics, private practices, school-based clinics, hospital primary care sites, or primary care in specialty practices. University of Pennsylvania faculty arrange all clinical placements. Simultaneously, didactic knowledge is acquired using lecture and case-based small group format during class time. All of our faculty are practicing clinicians who assist students with incorporating evidence-based practice into real-life clinical situations.

High-quality experiences

Program graduates consistently rate the quality of their clinical experiences as very high. Our program preceptors indicate graduates of the Primary Care-Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program are extremely well prepared.