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Penn Nursing > Mentorship > Role of the Faculty Mentee

Expectations of the Junior Faculty Member

The School of Nursing's mentorship program provides for shared responsibility between faculty members. The faculty member being mentored: 

Takes full responsibility for her/his career.

Participates in mentorship activities, such as orientation, training programs and evaluation.

Reaches out to the mentor and insures the development and maintenance of their relationship.

Remains open to the need for mentorship in certain areas.

Sets short- and long-term goals and provides mentor with progress report.

Makes time for, initiates, and holds regular meetings with the mentor.

Meets with the Department Chair at least once per semester to review progress and to resolve issues. This meeting may or may not be the same as the collaborative mentorship team meeting and it may also serve as the end of year for the performance appraisal meeting.

Works with the mentor to establish the agendas for the collaborative mentorship team meetings.

Identifies and discusses perceived conflicting career advice with Department Chair and mentor.

Takes full responsibility for documentation of mentorship meetings and distributes documentation to all attendees.

Makes her/him self familiar with School of Nursing and University criteria, policies, and procedures regarding faculty reappointments, promotions, and tenure.

Makes her/him self familiar with the School of Nursing’s mission and strategic plan.

Continues to increase the knowledge base in her/his research or clinical area.

Strives for academic excellence in their respective field of expertise and gives documented evidence of productivity, particularly in the area of scholarship and teaching.

Maintains strict confidentiality.