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Penn Nursing > Media > Just for Kids > Not all nurses work in hospitals
Penn Nursing Just for Kids - Not all nurses work in hospitals

  Not all nurses work in hospitals!

As you read earlier, not all nurses work in hospitals. In fact, only about 56% do. You now know that you may see them at your school, doctor’s office or in your community, but did you know that they also work in crime labs, battlefields, classrooms and airplanes … just to name a few?

Some nurses treat very unusual patients- like soldiers wounded in combat. But some nurses never treat patients at all! They may teach, research, analyze crime scene data, or even design hospital software.

It is important to point out that some Nurse Practitioners have their very own practices. They diagnose illnesses, prescribe medicine and treat patients all on their own, just like doctors.

Nursing isn't just about sick people and babies. They can research, travel, perform experiments and get PhDs! Whatever your passion is, there’s a job in nursing for you.