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Penn Nursing > Media > Just for Kids > The nurse will see you now: The future of health care
Penn Nursing Just for Kids - The Nurse Will See You Now

The nurse will see you now

In the coming years, you may start noticing that there seems to be more elderly people than there used to be. That’s because there are! When American soldiers came home after the end of World War II, families had to catch up on lost time and 79 million babies were born.  60-70 years later, those babies have aged and need a lot more doctors than they used to.

Many of them need treatment for high blood pressure, arthritis and related joint disorders, the common cold, and diabetes … all the things nurses can specialize in! This means that nurses can be a substitute for doctors - nurses can check you over the way a doctor can.

The problem is that if you go to your doctor’s office and look around, you might see that the nurses themselves are of the generation that’s starting to age. So what happens when most of them are retired in 10 or 15 years, and there aren’t enough nurses? That’s where we need you!

Nursing offers you a great career with opportunities with the possibility to treat patients the same way doctors do.  So, soon when you go to the “doctor’s office”, you’ll be hearing “the nurse will see you now”!