What are you currently doing?

I am the Founder and CEO of my own company. The enterprise will be launching in September 2015 and you can find out additional information on www.kennedygachiri.com.

How did NHCM prepare you for your current role or life after graduation?

The business I am creating will be a content company focused on life skills and wellness for the person looking to achieve their optimal goals in life. It will focus on fresh, high-resonance content that touches on career, physical wellbeing, as well as other areas that are a priority for this client group. NHCM embodies the focus of my new business in merging wellbeing and an effective business delivery platform.

I have had a diverse track since the NHCM program. I have been a Management Consultant (McKinsey & Company), a Development Advisor (Dalberg - Global Development Advisors), a Corporate Lawyer (Cleary Gottlieb & Paul, Weiss) and an Investment Banker (Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Centerview Partners). Being an entrepreneur now requires me to draw upon a wide array of skills and NHCM was the launch pad to me being a credible generalist.

What was your favorite aspect of the NHCM program?

I liked that the program let me inhabit different worlds. Sure, being in a Wharton classroom is very different from being in a Nursing classroom. But more than that, working with various patients on various issues was life changing in many ways and helped form me in a deeply personal way. I also enjoyed switching gears between disparate topics. Studying for Anatomy and Physiology during one hour and then spending the next hour working on Finance problem sets. I enjoyed the switching of gears and how fresh and engaged it kept me.

What were you involved in as a student at Penn?

I was a Joseph Wharton Scholar, Benjamin Franklin Scholar and Wharton Research Scholar. I also minored in French and spent a semester abroad in Lyon. This was while trying to complete my pre-med requirements as well, so there was a lot going on. I was engaged in student life as a Services Center manager and member of the upper class board in Hill College House. I was also Resident Advisor in Rodin College House for a couple of years. At the Nursing School, I was a research assistant for Sean Clarke at the Center for Health Policy and Research Outcomes where we conducted research on health disparities.