What are you currently doing?

I am currently a stay at home mom for my 2 young children, Lily 2.5 years old and Henry, 1 year old.  Before I had Lily, I was working as a consultant for a company called IMS Health Consulting.  IMS is a small consulting group that focuses on pharmaceutical and other healthcare projects.  Primarily their work is in the pricing and market access of new drugs, however, with the changing landscape of healthcare in the US, our projects had started to expand into other aspects of the market as well.

How did NHCM prepare you for your current role and life after graduation?

The NHCM program certainly helped me prepare myself for time management and work-life balance once i entered the workforce.  Juggling the two curricula in addition to clinicals and any extracurriculars is far harder than working (sometimes at least).  The program also allowed me to work in teams frequently which is an important skill to have in any job.  Being a team player and working with coworkers can be a challenge but is crucial to success.

What was your favorite aspect of the NHCM program?

I loved the balance of the two curricula.  They are vastly different but they complement each other at the same time.  Healthcare is at a big crossroads right now in the US - and it has a ways to go still - so the education i received has become so relevant.

What were you involved in as a student at Penn?

I was in a sorority and active in Greek life.  Other than that, I was usually at class or in the clinic!

What do you think you’ll be doing five years from now?

I would love to get involved in healthcare policy and the formation of new healthcare systems in the US.  I would also love to get back into clinical nursing.  After graduation, my first job was as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Lenox Hill here in NYC.  I miss that job all the time!  Not much compares to the adrenaline rush of assisting in a delivery.