Lecturer N

While studying for her MSN degree in health leadership at Penn Nursing, Catherine Wildenberg was invited to lecture on health equity to a class of first-year accelerated undergraduate students.  As she reviewed concepts ranging from social determinants of health to the value of storytelling in community settings, something clicked. This former public health nurse who specialized in post-partum, home care visits realized that she loved teaching.


Ms. Wildenberg immediately decided to pursue a certificate in nursing education at Penn Nursing while completing her master’s degree. She has been teaching and advising students at Penn Nursing, including in the program where she was once a student, ever since, working to inspire others to succeed at nursing.

“The connections students develop at Penn are unique. The person sitting next to you may be the person you get your next job from or the next person you hire.”


  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania, 2015
  • BSN, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006