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Dr. Linda H. Aiken Discusses the Direction of Health Care

LDI Executive Directors, Fellows and invited guests gather for Penn Faculty-Alumni Health Care Panel for Leonard Davis Institute event “50 Years of Change”

The special seminar put together as part of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) 50th Anniversary year, featured the three previous executive directors of the LDI, along with CHOPR’s Director and Founder, Linda H. Aiken, PhD, RN. Moderated by current LDI Executive Director Daniel Polsky, PhD, Aiken was joined by David Asch, MD (1998-2012), J. Sanford Schwartz, MD (1989-1998) and Mark Pauly, PhD (1984-1989).

During the panel discussion, Dr. Aiken commented on the health care workforce present today. She examined the changes of the workforce in the last fifty years. Drawing on the audiences’ own experiences she pointed to the fact that when the majority of them graduated (most of whom were Class of ’67 alumni) “the health care workforce was much different than it is today or that it is going to be in the future.” Aiken discussed that as the gap in education between nurses and other health care workers closes the nature of the health care system will move toward a “team concept” of care. Aiken states, “this team model that we are moving to provides better quality” and that the “quality of care is improving dramatically from involving more people from different disciplines that are more educated and patient oriented.” Reflecting the research occurring at CHOPR, Aiken provided an engaging dialogue at the Faculty-Alumni Panel.

The Leonard Davis Institute was created in 1967 as the first academic center to combine the education fields of medical school and business school. Today, LDI continues to be a center for innovative research and analysis.