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Pennsylvania Hospital Senior Leadership Meet with Nurse Research Scholars

Nurse scientists and PAH research scholars deliver important brief on the economic value of improving nurse staffing in time to be considered during the hospital budget process.

Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH) nurse research scholars reported study findings to the medical center’s senior management team just in time for the hospital’s extensive budget preparation process. Many health care organization executives understand fully the magnitude of preparing a hospital budget and how it requires the participation and input from a broad cross section of hospital officials and departments. Clinical Nurses, Lindsay Verica and Lauren Ellis presented the literature and their professional insights on behalf of patients and in support of the profession of nursing. In addition, PAH Nursing Quality Coordinator for Quality and Safety, Katie Farrell, offered her observations in a speech entitled “Quality Nursing Outcomes, The Value Equation,” which focused on the business case for nurse staffing. CHOPR nursing scientists, Dr. Sunny G. Hallowell and Dr. Ann Kutney-Lee helped lead the briefing. “We will most certainly utilize the evidence provided today and the work of the Exemplary Practice Budget Team to inform our investment decisions,” said PAH Chief Nurse Executive, Mary Del Guidice, following the presentation. “It is vitally important every dollar be spent wisely and this work affords us the ability to do so.”