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Education Verification

For additional information concerning Education Verification’s please fill out the form below to contact the Office of Student Information.  

For third parties requesting information about a current/former student, please enter the student information in the fields below. Then please enter your contact information directly in the request box.

Please make sure to reference to timeline and fees for education verifications. Thank you.

Please select your status
Please enter the student name exactly as it appeared while the student was enrolled in the School of Nursing
Please enter the students date of Birth. (mm/dd/yyyy)
Please enter your preferred email address
Please describe your education verification needs
Please enter any additional contact information you would like to include (phone number, fax number mailing address).
Please attach any relevant files. Please make sure to fill out any personal information on the form before attaching the form to the request
(50 MB max)
Please identify where the education verification should be sent. Please indicate if the form will be picked up in person or the email address, fax number, or physical address of the destination.