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Security Management

The ITS Security Management team is committed to protecting and securing electronic information at the School of Nursing, providing preventive and maintenance strategies to ensure the protection of Penn’s academic, research and business environments.

ITS infrastructure maintains extensive computing and network capacity in multiple data-centers available for research, academic, and administrative projects.

ITS offers:

  • Maintenance of critical enterprise security infrastructure (firewalls, VPN, etc.)
  • Critical system monitoring and testing
  • Dedicated research server RedHat Enterprise 64-bit with attached SAN
  • Servers electronically protected by multiple firewalls/passwords/encryption layers including SSL
  • Vulnerability scanning software (Identity Finder)
  • Security solutions, recommendations and best practices
  • IT security, governance laws, regulations and policies
  • Group and one-on-one awareness and training
  • SPIA - Inventory and risk assessment on databases containing confidential information
  • Incident Reporting protocol
    • Lost or Stolen Equipment
    • Security Incident
      • Virus, spyware or other malicious programs found on your computer
      • Any attempts to break into your computer
      • Any unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information stored on a computer

For more Information contact  ITS Service Desk