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Health Technology Innovation Incubator

Nurse entrepreneurs accelerate innovation

Penn Nursing's Health Technology Innovation Incubator is designed to foster creativity, promote collaboration, and accelerate health innovations from the realm of concept to real-world applications. The incubator connects with people from diverse disciplines across the University, the Penn Center for Innovation, the Penn Medicine Health System, the City of Philadelphia, the corporate world, and beyond to stimulate and expand on the interconnectivity between healthcare science, clinical practice, civic life, and emerging technologies.

Our award-winning incubator offers collaborators a variety of opportunities to leverage a broad range of expertise, robust networks, educational seminars, and peer support.

"Thinking about healthcare innovation in entrepreneurial ways is a relatively new concept for nursing, yet it is incredibly important." - Dr. Yvonne Paterson

Smart collaboration maximizes social impact

Penn Nursing's Health Technology Innovation Incubator shows what happens when our collaborators "mix-it-up" and work together - teams of students, faculty, and staff from the schools of nursing, engineering, law, medicine, and business have learned by doing and have built an unexpected range of solutions.

At a time when there is an urgent need to address healthcare challenges, Penn Nursing's action-oriented community advances ideas which improve health, reduce budget deficits, and stimulate economic development.

Penn Nursing scientists connect with a broad network of multidisciplinary research colleagues and capitalize on overlapping areas of exploration with partners such as the Wharton School, Penn Medicine, Penn Dental, Penn Law, the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, and Penn Veterinary Medicine.

Preparing the next generation of innovators

Penn Nursing is preparing a generation of students who can think outside the box and improve our understanding of the healthcare system and healthcare delivery. Our new course, Innovation and Technology for Healthcare (NUR552/553) is open to all levels of scholarship and to all Penn students who want to join a multidisciplinary team that addresses a healthcare challenge using games, apps, simulations, social media, devices, or other emerging technologies.

Penn Nursing and the Wharton School of Business offer the undergraduate Nursing and Healthcare Management Dual Degree program which combines a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, designed to develop leaders in healthcare administration and addresses concerns about the quality, cost, and management of healthcare worldwide.

Working together, students with different skills and goals learn about 'real world' health problems, and by developing successful ideas, break down artificial walls between disciplines transforming the learning experience in spectacular ways.