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University of Pennsylvania
School of Nursing

Supports Nursing Education in HAITI

Mme. Yolande Marie Nazaire
Dean, Haiti National School of Nursing, Port-au-Prince
 checks on construction of a new buidling for the school, July 2011

The School of Nursing Task Force on Haiti

     The School of Nursing has an active volunteer Task Force on Haiti that was formed February 2010.  Task Force members include faculty, staff, students, and nursing staff of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and of Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.  In addition, individual nurse and nurse midwife faculty and staff nurses from these hospitals undertake volunteer work in Haiti with University of Pennsylvania medical teams and various non-profit more     

     Our aim is to support the education of nurses in Haiti so that they will become nurse leaders in their country.  Our strategy involves 1) becoming familiar with conditions, assets and needs of nursing education in Haiti 2) undertaking fund-raising that ultimately will help us support the growth and development nursing education in Haiti and 3) developing relationships with nurse educators in Haiti and with those in the USA and Canada who are engaged in supporting nurse education in Haiti.  

     Our partners for nursing education at the local level are with the Haiti National School of Nursing in Port-au-Prince.  This is the school that lost its entire second year class to the January 2010 earthquake.  It is one of Haiti's five government nursing schools.  We also partner at the national level, with the National Nurses Association of Haiti ANILH, and through them to the Ministry of Public Health and Population, as well as to the Ministry of Education.  At the inter-American level, we coordinate our efforts with those at other university schools of nursing in the USA and Canada that are supporting nursing and the development of nursing education in Haiti.