Wendy D Grube, PhD, CRNP
Practice Assistant Professor

Contact Information
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Room 4017 Fagin Hall
418 Curie Blvd.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-4217
tel: (215) 898-1169
email: wgrube@nursing.upenn.edu

Wendy Grube currently serves as the Director the Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Grube completed her BSN at Pennsylvania State University, and received her MSN and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Grube's specific aims in teaching are to enhance the quality of education to meet the demands of current APN practice, and expand their awareness of culture, health care disparities, and systems of healing they will encounter in these new roles. In the classroom, Wendy Grube is Course Director for Health Care of Women and Primary Care, Complementary Alternative Therapies in Women's Health, and Comparative Healthcare Systems: Thailand and US. She also contributes to the course on Well Woman Health Care on issues related to the gynecological exam, genital dermatology, management of abnormal cervical cytology, intrauterine contraception, and care of the peri- and post-menopausal woman. Grube has also served as an expert faculty contributor for the development of CORE curricula related to reproductive health topics for the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP), and she has been a long-standing educator in the Philadelphia Colposcopy Program. She has recently been appointed to the Expert Advisory Panel for Male Sexual and Reproductive Health by the Office of Family Planning within the Office of Population Control, DHHS, and serves as clinical faculty for the Male Training Center, Philadelphia, PA.

Wendy Grube’s recent research is an ethnographic study of the influence of culture upon cervical cancer screening among Appalachian women in West Virginia and their healthcare providers. Grube has found that sociocultural dissonance within the therapeutic relationship between patient and provider creates significant barriers to preventive health practices including routine Pap smears.

Wendy Grube has also worked in collaboration with Drs. Stringer and Muecke to develop an evaluation process for measuring various parameters of student learning in study abroad programs at the University of Pennsylvania. This research has received internal funding from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Clinical Practice
Wendy Grube has been a nurse practitioner for 27 years with extensive experience in the field of women's health. She has worked to improve access to gynecological care for uninsured and underinsured women through the establishment of Nurse Practitioner Associates, an NP owned and managed private practice, as well as providing care in a variety of community-based settings. As one of the first nurse practitioners to perform colposcopy in this country, and perhaps the first nurse practitioner to open a private practice in Pennsylvania, she recognized the clinical and political strengths needed to create strategic change in our healthcare system. Her formal preparation as a Registered Herbalist prepared her to recognize the value of individual beliefs regarding health and illness, and to serve as a liaison between the seemingly disparate systems of healing, seeking to reduce the sociocultural dissonance that mars the development and endurance of therapeutic relationships. Grube is currently working as a nurse practitioner and colposcopist for the Allentown Women's Health Center and is a preceptor for nurse-practitioner and midwifery students.


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