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Our Commitment

We’ve joined forces with the other schools at Penn to promote diversity and inclusivity in ways that make our community better for all who study here.

General goals

What does diversity mean to us? We broadly define it as encompassing (at minimum): racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage; gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation; socioeconomic status; nation of origin; veteran status; disabilities; religious affiliation, beliefs and observance; and scholarly discipline.

We are working to increase the diversity of our incoming classes at all levels, and continuing to grow the diversity of our faculty through both local and global outreach efforts. We envision an environment that thrives on the diversity we cultivate here, and we invite anyone interested to become involved with our efforts.

Our Diversity Action Plan

There are four main tenets of our diversity action plan:

  • To change the face of academic nursing so that it reflects the diversity of our global society.
  • To foster a climate that attracts, retains, and promotes diverse faculty members, with a special focus on groups who are traditionally underrepresented in academic nursing.
  • To make our school a preeminent model of diversity and inclusivity among top-tier institutions.
  • To support the integration of inclusivity, social justice, gender sensitivity, and cultural knowledge into nursing science, education, and practice.

Download the full plan (PDF).

Diversity and Inclusivity Committee

<p><strong>Committee members from left to right include</strong>: Dr. Margo Brooks-Carthon, Heather Kelley, Lisa Lewis, Rosario Jaime-Lara, LaShauna Connell, Ian Jeong, Monica Harmon (Committee Co-Chair)</p> <p><strong>Committee member in the back</strong>: Dr. Bart De Jonghe </p> <p><strong>Committee members not present</strong>: Gina Conway (Committee Co-Chair) and Carol Ladden</p>The Diversity and Inclusivity Committee (DIAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Dean and also as a catalyst for creating an inclusive School of Nursing environment.

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