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Community engagement isn’t just a form of service at Penn Nursing: it’s essential to who we are. Our research and clinical expertise benefit those who live and work around us. And our community, in turn, helps us truly understand what we seek to learn in the classroom, lab, and clinical setting. 

Longstanding relationships

Working with deeply engaged community partners, our outreach programs have touched hundreds of thousands of lives. We continue our efforts through programs like Healthy in Philadelphia, Living Independently for Elders (LIFE), and student-led initiatives as part of Community Champions. We also regularly offer community workshops and events that include health screenings and education, providing community members with information about nutrition and diet, breast cancer awareness, and sexual health.

Part of the curriculum

Penn recognizes that putting theory to practice not only drives home academic concepts, it opens the eyes of students to related, real-life, human issues. Our Academically Based Community Service courses help you turn your knowledge into civic leadership, and are offered at Nursing and across the University.

The heart of our work

At Penn Nursing, community engagement forms the backbone of how we communicate, translate, and apply nursing knowledge. For us, this is not only our mission but a heartfelt commitment to partner with our community to improve health and promote positive social change in communities around Philadelphia and the world.


Study Shows Feasibility of Adapting Cardiac Rehabilitation for Home Care

After a patient is discharged from the hospital for treatment of cardiovascular disease, cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is often prescribed because these programs are proven to reduce mortality and risk of hospital readmission. However, only 14 percent of patients who have had a heart attack and 31 percent of patients who underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery attend CR post-hospitalization.

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