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Healthy in Philadelphia (HIP)

Community partnerships promote health

Penn Nursing's tripartite mission embraces the need to address health equity issues, to operate within a multicultural context, and to build interdisciplinary and community partnerships.

To that end, Penn Nursing launched the Healthy in Philadelphia (HIP) initiative in 2005, in partnership with and in support of the West Philadelphia community. The HIP initiative is designed to meet societal needs and to advance the translation of knowledge and evidence-based, culturally competent models of care in the areas of healthy lifestyles, health transitions, illness, end-of-life care, and healthcare disparities.

The nursing profession has a long history of developing successful community partnerships and is uniquely qualified to serve as a source of leadership for community-based health initiatives and services. The HIP initiative is built on Penn Nursing's successful engagement with local community partners.

Collaboration impacts quality of life

In launching HIP, Penn Nursing reinvigorated its relationship with Penn's Netter Center for Community Partnerships, Penn's Office of Government and Community Affairs, and key collaborators across the Penn campus. We reached out to the West Philadelphia community strengthening current relationships and initiating new alignments with important stakeholders in West Philadelphia. The HIP initiative is a dynamic process based on community dialogue and interaction that informs the partnership between Penn Nursing and the West Philadelphia community. This partnership unifies and capitalizes on Penn Nursing's existing activities and strengths to improve health, address health care disparities, and improve quality of life for the residents of West Philadelphia.

HIP focus areas

  • Health promotion and care for vulnerable groups
  • Nutrition and obesity prevention
  • Interpersonal relations and sexuality
  • Violence and injury prevention
  • Tobacco and other substance use prevention

These areas of focus are among the leading national health priorities identified in Healthy People 2010. Each is a significant factor contributing to health disparities and excessive morbidity and mortality within the United States and is germane to health needs in the West Philadelphia community. The elimination of health disparities is aligned with the overarching goals of the Healthy People 2020 initiative.

HIP is consistent with national, regional, and local health priorities and represents strengths in faculty scholarship and practice at Penn Nursing. With the current wealth of faculty expertise, Penn Nursing is well placed to continue building successful partnerships with the West Philadelphia community while increasing the effectiveness of nursing as a force in community health.


Rebecca Snyder Phillips, MSN, RN
Director, Healthy In Philadelphia

Terri H Lipman, PhD, CRNP, FAAN
Assistant Dean for Community Engagement