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Center for Integrative Science in Aging

About the Center

The Center for Integrative Science in Aging (CISA) is an interprofessional community of scholars that conducts aging research from “cell to society” and mentors the next generation of scientists.

The center's innovative solutions are translated into practice and policy to improve the ability of older adults to live independently, cope with illness, and achieve optimal health-related quality of life.

Building Innovative Solutions

The CISA embraces integrative science that transcends disciplinary, paradigmatic, methodological, and institutional boundaries. The center applies a collaborative approach to scientific inquiry that supports synergistic partnerships with older adults, their families, communities and systems. The center's overall mission is to build science that advances innovative solutions to address common and complex phenomena associated with aging.

Our Interprofessional Community

Our investigators capitalize on overlapping areas of exploration within a broad network of interdisciplinary research partners, such as the Wharton School, Penn Medicine, Penn Dental, and the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, to name a few. Penn Nursing faculty influence national policy through participation in the National Institute of Nursing Research advisory board, the Centers for Disease Control advisory board, National Institutes of Health study review groups and expert panels, and the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. Penn Nursing investigators frequently partner with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, Department of Health and Human Services, the Veteran's Administration, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and other schools of nursing.