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International Publications

International Publications

 Benchmarking publications

Linda H. Aiken, Sean P. Clarke, Douglas M. Sloane, Julie A. Sochalski and others.  “Nurses’ Reports of Hospital Quality of Care and Working Conditions in Five Countries.”  Health Affairs 20(3): 43-53, May 2001. Selected as one of the 29 most influential papers published in Health Affairs in their first 25 years. Winner of American Academy of Nursing Media Award. 

 Linda H. Aiken and Julie Sochalski (eds.).  Hospital Restructuring in North America and Europe:  Patient Outcomes and Workforce Implications.  Medical Care,  Vol. 35, No. 10, Supplement, October, 1997.  

 Poghosyan, L, Clarke, S, Finlayson, M, Aiken, LH.  2010.  Nurse burnout and quality of care:  Cross-national investigation in six countries.  Research in Nursing and Health.  In press.  

 Poghosyan, L., Aiken, L.H., and Sloane, D.M.  2009.  Factor structure of the Maslach Burnout Inventory: An analysis of data from large scale cross-sectional surveys of nurses from eight countries.  International Journal of Nursing Studies (United Kingdom).  46 (7):894-902.

 Bruyneel, Y., Van den Heede, K., Diya, L., Sermeus, W., Aiken, L.H.  2009.  Predictive validity of the International Hospital Outcomes Study Questionnaire Battery:  An RN4CAST pilot study.  Journal of Nursing Scholarship.  41(2):202-210. 

 Van den Heede, K., Sermeus, W., Diya, L., Clarke, S.P., Lesaffre, E., Vleugels, A., Aiken, L.H.  2009.  Nurse staffing and patient outcomes in Belgian acute hospitals:  Cross-sectional analysis of administrative data.  International Journal of Nursing Studies. (United Kingdom)  46(7), 928-939.

 Aiken, L.H. and Poghosyan, L.  2009.  Evaluation of Magnet Journey to Nursing Excellence Program in Russia and Armenia.  Journal of Nursing Scholarship 41(2):166-174.   

Buchan, J. and Aiken, L.H.  2008.  Solving nursing shortages:  A common priority.  Journal of Clinical Nursing.  17(24)3262-3268.   

Aiken, L.H. and Cooper, R.   2008.  Training, education, and manpower.  Pp. 57-60 in WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety, Patient Safety Implications for Research:  A Global Perspective.  World Health Organization:  Geneva. 

Linda H. Aiken, James Buchan, Julie Sochalski, Barbara Nichols, Mary Powell.  Trends in International Nurse Migration.” Health Affairs 23(3): 69-77, May, 2004.   

Linda H. Aiken, Sean P. Clarke, and Douglas M. Sloane.  “Hospital Staffing, Organizational Support, and Quality of Care: Cross-National Findings.”  International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 14(1):5-13, 2002.   

Linda H. Aiken and Douglas M. Sloane.  “Hospital Organization and Culture: Impact on Outcomes.”   Hospitals in a Changing Europe, edited by Martin McKee and Judith Healy, European Observatory on Health Care Systems, London: Open University Press, 2002, pp. 265-278.


     PENN collaborations with specific countries

   Aiken, L.H., Buchan, J., Ball, J., Rafferty, A.M.  2008.  Transformative impact of Magnet designation: England Case Study.  Journal of Clinical Nursing.  17(24):3330-3337.   

Van den Heede, K., Sermeus, W., Diya, L., Clarke, S.P., Lafaffre, E., Vleugels, A., Aiken, L.H., 2009. Nurse staffing and patient outcomes in Belgian acute hospitals: Cross-sectional analysis of administrative data. International Journal of Nursing Studies. 46(7), 928-939.

Kanai-Pak, M., Aiken, L.H., Sloane, D.M., Poghosyan, L.  2008.  Poor work environments and nurse inexperience are associated with burnout, job dissatisfaction, and quality deficits in Japanese hospitals.  Journal of Clinical Nursing.  17(24):3224-3329.   

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