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​Lisa Lewis, PhD, RD

Main Areas of Research Focus

Dr. Lewis's program of research focuses on reducing hypertension-related health disparities by developing a body of knowledge that improves antihypertensive medication adherence in African Americans. 

​How do my clinical practice and/or current research link to health disparities and health equity?

Dr. Lewis believes that hypertension is a silent killer that causes a disproportionate number of deaths among African Americans. Hypertension in African Americans is one of the major contributors to the disparities in mortality that we see between African Americans and whites. The prevalence of hypertension in African Americans is the highest of any population in the U.S. and they bear disproportionate rates of morbitity and mortality due to stroke and end-stage-kidney-disease.
Where do i forsee my research going over the next 5 years?

Dr. Lewis says that over the next 5 years, her research will move from descriptive research to research that develops and tests interventions to increase adherence and blood pressure control. Her goal is to develop interventions that can be translated to and sustained in community settings and hypertensive African Americans.