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Biobehavioral Health Sciences Department Faculty Research Interests

Faculty in the department focus their research on biobehavioral markers and behaviors that, when better known, can provide information to change healthcare outcomes for patients. With long, federally-funded research trajectories the research of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing can provide information to change the science as well as inform healthcare policy for the nation. At Penn, researchers join with colleagues in other disciplines across the University to expand their reach and maximize the impact of their research.

Our faculty members conduct research in the following areas:


            Barbara Riegel

Palliative Care/End-of-life care
            Mary Ersek
            Salimah Meghani

Pain Management
             Salimah Meghani
             Rosemary Polomano

            Ann Rogers
            Terri Weaver
            Barbara Riegel
            Nancy Tkacs
            Kathy Richards

Transitional Care/Hospital Discharge Planning
            Mary Naylor
            Kathy Bowles
            Kathy McCauley

Telehealth/Decision Science
            Kathy Bowles        

Health Policy and Nurse Staffing and Health Policy
            Linda Aiken
            Eileen Lake
            Ann Kutney Lee 

Care of the Older Patient
            Sarah Kagan
            Kathy Richards 

Biomarkers of Risk or Treatment Response
            Terri Weaver
            Joe Boulatta           
            Joe Liboniati

            Charlene Compher