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2017 Executive Board:

From left to right: Rebecca Huang, Karen Liao, Isabel Li, Sarah Shin, Andre Angelia, and Heidi ChiuFrom left to right: Rebecca Huang, Karen Liao, Isabel Li, Sarah Shin, Andre Angelia, and Heidi Chiu

President: Sarah Shin (Nu ’18)
Vice President: Andre Angelia (Nu ’19)
Financial Chair: Karen Liao (Nu ’19)
Programming Chair: Isabel Li (Nu ’19)
Marketing Chair: Heidi Chiu (Nu ’20)
Communications Chair: Rebecca Huang (Nu ’20)


Jamille K. Nagtalon-Ramos, MSN, CRNP, WHNP-BC, IBCLC

Telephone: (215) 898-2989


Sarah Shin, NURS’18

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Why APANSA?: Currently, my Facebook profile picture is me standing on the helicopter pad of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in my APANSA board sweatshirt. APANSA has truly been an incredible support system for me during my years at Penn Nursing. From sharing meals with incredible mentors to learning how to advocate for the Asian American identity, I am blessed to be a part of a community that values friendship, professional development, and leadership. APANSA has opened so many doors for me, and I believe that it can open doors and relationships for all of our members. Feel free to reach out to me to chat and look out for our events throughout the school year!

Fun Fact: I have been a Girl Scout for 16 years (and still currently am a Lifetime Member)! I once dressed up as a Thin Mint at our cookie booth. Needless to say, I made a sweet first impression!

 Karen Liao, NURS’19

Hometown: Fremont, California

Why APANSA: I love this group of welcoming, down-to-earth, and funny nurses! APANSA offers a tight-knit community where we eat, struggle, and grow professionally together. In addition, as the only healthcare related group in APSC, APANSA acts as a liaison between the nursing school and greater APSC community. We are also working hard towards expanding our service projects to beyond the Penn bubble and reaching out to the Asian Pacific Islander communities in Philadelphia. Keep an eye out for our great events, good food, and the best company 🙂

Fun Fact: I had two teeth when I was born. My poor mother bravely breastfed me for a few months!

Heidi Chiu, NURS’20

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Why APANSA: APANSA is the perfect combination of 2 fields that I’m interested in: healthcare and the Asian community. As a minority in nursing, Asians have many healthcare issues that are often brushed to the side. As a result, I hope to bring attention to these problems within the APA community. Additionally, APANSA was full of incredibly welcoming people, along with lots of food and lots of helpful events. I’m very excited to be with this club and hope to form many close bonds and create more awareness for APA health issues.

Fun Fact: I’m a black belt in Taekwondo!


 Jamie Chung, NURS ’21

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Why APANSA? APANSA is my first pre-professional organization that I’m joining at Penn and it encompasses two very important values that I strongly identify with: nursing and the APA community. Through my past volunteer activities, I have gained enough experience to see that diversity inside of a hospital setting leads to greater understanding and better care. As a minority, my main goal is to be able to deliver culturally competent care in the nursing field, and APANSA is my stepping stone to achieving that goal.

Fun fact: I am also a part of a Korean-American a cappella group called PennSori here.

Andre Angelia, NURS’19, Minor: Healthcare Management

Hometown: Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Why APANSA?: I chose to join APANSA because of the unique position the organization is in. APANSA is a minorities group within the School of Nursing, but also happens to be a constituent group of APSC (Asian Pacific Student Coalition). APANSA offers new perspectives of health within the Asian American community, as well as gives Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders a voice and a community within nursing. Not to mention it is the only health care oriented organization in APSC!

Fun Fact: I was once part of a Youtube collab channel.

Isabel Li, NURS’19, BFS Program

Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Why APANSA?: As APANSA’s Chair of Programming, I love that our organization is able to intersect Penn’s community of Asian American students with the School of Nursing students to promote Asian American healthcare within the Philadelphia community. We provide nursing students with social events, support, and resources they need - and eat lots of good food while doing so!

Fun Fact: I also happen to love dance, and am a member of Penn’s hip hop dance crew, Hype!

Rebecca Huang, NURS’20

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Why APANSA?: I really wanted to join an organization that focuses more on issues that the Asian Pacific American community faces, which often times are overlooked, but then in particular applied to issues in the nursing community and healthcare in general. With APANSA, I found a family that not only supports one another in everything that everyone does, but also a family that is passionate about the same issues in the Asian Pacific American community and wants to make a difference with the power that we have.

 Fun Fact: I enjoy playing tennis.


Anjelique Agudo, NURS ’21

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Why APANSA?: As a freshmen at Penn, I have been trying to find a community that I genuinely fit in and belong to. Specifically, I was searching for a group that I am not only passionate about, but one that will have an impact on society—and I believe that I have found my place with APANSA. APANSA incorporates two things I value very much: my culture and nursing. As a Filipina-American woman, I am quite aware of the various disparities, not only in regards to healthcare, but also, within the Asian Pacific American community. Without a doubt, being apart of APANSA allows students to be a voice for our Asian culture and our profession as nurses.

Fun Fact: I have gone to every single One Direction tour.