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Penn Nursing > Alumni > Urban Women's Health > Deborah Driscoll, MD

Deborah Driscoll, MD, CM'87

  Dr. Deborah Driscoll graduated from Smith College and received her M.D. from New York University. She joined the faculty of the Medical School at Penn in 1984.  Dr. Driscoll was awarded the APGO Excellence in Teaching Award in 2000 and was also the recipient of the Penn Pearls Teaching Award from the School of Medicine in 2001. Students frequently refer to Dr. Driscoll as a role model, noting that she is highly approachable, takes a personal interest in her students' education and learning, and communicates her genuine interest in the material. Several students mentioned their admiration for the way Dr. Driscoll was able to balance her professional and family life with her compassion for patients and for patients' family members.
A former student writes, "Dr. Driscoll proved to be an outstanding mentor, always available to me, supportive and encouraging of my work."  Another student notes that "the lecture she gave during Penn Preview weekend was actually one of the reasons I came to Penn Med." Dr. Driscoll is a vital member of the medical and scientific community at Penn and is a national leader in her field. She has been instrumental in training a cadre of young geneticists. Students believe that "she does it all and does it all very well, and truly demonstrates the lasting impact that a Lindback Award recipient represents."

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