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Welcome HUP Alumni !   

I have been involved with the HUP Alumni Association for almost thirty years. The HUP Alumni Association has worked very hard to keep it viable for 129 years and we hope to keep going for some time in the future. We have been planning for the 130th HUP Reunion for the Fall 2016. Yes, we are very proud of our HUP legacy.




At this time I sincerely want to say "thank you" to Cleo Wolfe Libonati, HUP 1968 for "stepping up to the plate" several years ago and volunteering to be the HUP Alumni Association Vice-President and then moving into the President position. Having never served on the HUP alumni board in any capacity, Cleo did a very nice job. Cleo utilized modern technology and conducted the HUP Alumni Board Meeting from Florida in the winter months via conference call.

Many of us have had several decades of serving on the HUP Alumni Board. I want to acknowledge some of these individuals in my first message. Elizabeth (Betty Shields) Irwin (1950) has served as President as well as other positions on the Board. Betty is presently chair of the Archives. Betty, along with other HUP Alumni has been working on archives for the past several years. Isabel(Stainsby) Harrison (1949) has been the Treasurer for the association for at least the last 25 years. Isabel has done a terrific job in managing the organizations finances. Many of the present members of the HUP Alumni Board and Committee Chairs have serves as President over the past 25 years- Barbara (Bobbi Gohn) Callazoo, 1963, Candace (Pfeffer) Stiklorius, 1966, Beverly (Barton) Emonds, 1968, VeRita (Barnette) Lynch, 1970, Deborah (Haug) Whealton, 1975, and Margaret (Moffat) Lacobacci, 1978.

How would an organization function without an outstanding Secretary? Julia (Tierney) Davis, class of 1973, has been outstanding since the day she assumed this position on the Board.

Patricia (Walter) Marcozzi, class of 1961 has assumed the Chair for the HUP Alumni Association Reunion held every five years and goes for the entire weekend. Pat has been the Chair of the Reunion Committee for the past four reunions. The 125th reunion was celebrated in October 2011 and the 130th will be in September 2016. Recently, Beverly (White) Ejsing (1960) has returned to the Board. Over the years many HUP graduates have served as Directors on the Board for a two year term or in some other capacity and on committees.

In addition, I would like to thank all of the HUP Alumni who were on the HUP Alumni Board in any capacity over the years. Thank you for your contributions and time. I welcome HUP Alumni to contact me if you are interested in becoming an officer, or volunterring on a committee. One of my long term goals and dreams is to be able to have a 150th HUP Alumni Reunion in 2036. I am very excited that for about fifteen years there has been a collaborative "connection" with HUP Alumni and Penn Nursing Alumni. My goal as HUP Alumni President is to continue to foster this wonderful relationship with the two alumni associations.

This relationship of HUP Alumni and Penn Nursing Alumni became more collaborative over the years with the enthusiatic cooperation of Dean Afaf l. Meleis who always showed great interested in learning more about the HUP Alumni and Legacy. Even though we both have our own identities and separate alumni associations, we have the "connection" and respect for each graduate, a HUP or a Penn nurse.

The HUP Alumni had our Spring Luncheon on April 25th, 2015 at White Horse Village and we were all thrilled to have Dean Antonia M. Villarruel and Monica Salvia present at the luncheon. I know bother were engaged in talking with many of the HUP alumni at the luncheon. We hope you will able to join us for luncheons in future years. We welcome you!!
The HUP Alumni sends congratulations to Beverly (Bev) Edmonds for being the recipient of the Penn Nursing Alumni Spirit Award in May 2015. Bev is a HUP graduate, Class of 1968. We are so proud of you for achieving this award. Well deserved!!
Warm Regards,
Elaine Nuss Dreisbaugh, HUP 1960
President, HUP Alumni Association