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Celebrating 125 Years of Nursing History at Penn!

125 Years of Nursing at Penn

Since 1886, nursing education at Penn has transformed the preparation of nurses and the profession of nursing.  Many of the early nurses at HUP and elsewhere truly changed the world. They managed hospitals and brought clean uniforms, order, and dignity to healthcare, changing the way society viewed nurses and, in the process, turning nursing into a respected and sought-after profession.  Today’s nursing students build on that robust foundation as they work with world-renowned faculty to generate new knowledge in research and forward advances in clinical care. This site brings together past and present to commemorate 125 years of nursing at Penn.

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Dean Afaf I. Meleis

125! It is our 125th birthday, a grand occasion to celebrate our legacy and our future. We build on the tradition of pathbreakers and pacesetters, idealists and innovators, those eager to make a difference and those unafraid to take a stand. Come share your memories and join us for our celebrations!

– Dr. Afaf I. Meleis
April 2011