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Graduate Programs

Penn Nursing Leads the Nation

Recognized worldwide, Penn Nursing's master's (MSN) and doctoral (PhD) programs offer valuable opportunities to concentrate in a specific field of nursing while expanding the depth and breadth of your knowledge. Penn Nursing is renowned for excellence in education, clinical practice, and research while creating a uniquely integrated academic experience in which faculty, clinicians, and students engage in a culture of discovery.

In the most recent U.S. News & World Report rankings of graduate schools, Penn Nursing was voted as a number one graduate school of nursing. In fact, all of our evaluated MSN programs placed into the top three nationally by U.S. News & World Report — including four which were considered to be the best in the nation, reflecting the dedication and scholarship of Penn Nursing faculty. Penn Nursing can be your springboard for exploring an array of opportunities that will open doors and change expectations.

Enrollment Information

For any programs with a November 1st deadline, we have extended the deadline to November 3rd 11:59pm EST. In order to submit only your portion of the application is due by the deadline, transcripts and recommendations can follow. If you have not requested transcripts in advance of the deadline do so as a rush order and please give recommenders a firm deadline of November 10 for submission of their recommendations.

Part Time

Penn Nursing utilizes a rolling admissions process for part-time applications. Please refer to the below chart for information on final application deadlines pertinent to fall, spring and summer starts. Deadlines are subject to change.

Full Time

Penn Nursing utilizes a regular admissions process for full-time applications. Please refer to the chart below for exceptions to this and for application deadlines.​ Deadlines are subject to change.




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