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Accelerated Tuition and Financial Aid

Penn Nursing is committed to helping students meet the cost of receiving an outstanding education at the University of Pennsylvania. Penn Nursing is dedicated to providing access to every student from all backgrounds and financial circumstances. Maintaining such diversity not only contributes to Penn’s lively community, but it also provides educational value as a broad range of students live and learn together. Penn Nursing offers various options for financial aid, listed below are the types of aid available to the accelerated student.

Apply for Financial Aid

  • Tuition and Fees - Accelerated Entry 2016

  • Summer 2016 Tuition$21,000
    Fall 2016 Tuition$21,000
    Spring 2017 Tuition$21,000
    Summer 2017 Tuition$21,500
    Fall 2017 Tuition$21,500
    Program Cost$106,000
    Estimated Program Fees$11,903
    Estimated Living Expenses$35,969

    Note: The estimated costs will be updated in April 2016.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid at the same time you file your admission application. The deadline is December 15, 2015. Timely application will ensure financial aid and admissions notification at about the same time. To apply for aid, follow the instructions on the Financial Aid Application Checklist and Forms Summary Chart. Please note, to be considered for additional School of Nursing grant funds, parental information is required for any student that will be 30 years old or younger as of December 31, 2016.

Types of Financial Aid Available

Accelerated Finanacial Aid Guide for 2015 Cohort forthcoming, check back soon.  

Notification of Financial Aid Eligibility

Applicants who meet the December 15th deadline will be notified of their financial aid eligibility beginning in early February. Financial aid applicants who submit after the deadline will be notified of their financial eligibility in mid-May.  

Accelerated Nursing Program Financial Aid FAQs

2016 Accelerated Nursing Financial Aid FAQs.pdf2016 Accelerated Nursing Financial Aid FAQs.pdf



Application for Financial Aid Deadline

Accelerated Program

December 15, 2015

Apply for Financial Aid