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At Penn Nursing, students at every level are afforded an exceptional Ivy League education, and are taught by the top nurse researchers in the country.


Our undergraduate BSN program is focused on hands-on clinical practice and nursing research, and offers students the chance to study abroad, to practice in high-fidelity simulations, and to pursue dual-degrees and graduate-level coursework while still an undergraduate. We also offer a Nutrition major in partnership with Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences. The minors we offer reflect the changing face of healthcare today and speak to the areas most in need of skilled nurse clinicians and researchers.

Undergraduate Programs


Our highly-ranked MSN programs focus on the science and practice of nursing in a wide range of specialty areas. Interested students also have the opportunity to supplement their MSN program with one of our graduate minors. Additionally, a Post-Master’s Certificate is available from all of our MSN programs, as well as from our DNP and from some of our minors.

Master’s Programs


Our doctoral programs are committed to producing leaders in the field of nursing science, both in scholarship and research (PhD) and clinical scholarship and practice (DNP).

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


All of our academic programs fall under two departments: Family and Community Health and Biobehavioral Health Sciences.

Penn Nursing News

Local Engagements Achieve Results

Two programs, the Living Independently for Elders (LIFE) program and the Healthy in Philadelphia (HIP) program demonstrate how Penn Nursing engages with and makes a difference to a diverse local community.


Little Clinical Evidence Qualifies Utility of Mobile Apps Designed for Palliative Care

The unprecedented digital connectivity and use of smartphone technology have transformed how people access, share, and communicate information – including information about health care. As of mid-2015, there were more than 165,000 mobile health applications (apps) in use worldwide, illustrating the important role of mobile technology in the way health care is delivered and received.


Teen Injury Prevention: Dr. Catherine C. McDonald