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Advancing minds with the highest level academics.

At Penn Nursing, students are afforded an exceptional Ivy League education and are taught by the top nurse researchers in the country. We offer 18 master's programs along with many flexible degree options. Students can pursue unique joint degrees with other Penn schools, such as combining a BSN degree with a bachelor's degree in economics from Penn’s Wharton School. Whether you are just graduating from high school, looking to change careers, or pursuing an advanced nursing degree, we have the right academic program for you.

Undergraduate Programs
High School Seniors and Transfer Students

Accelerated Programs
BSN Degree, Second Degree, Hillman Scholars BSN-to-PhD Program, and RN Return Programs

Graduate Programs

Doctoral Level
PhD, Post-Doctoral, and DNP Nurse Anesthesia

Master's/Post-Master's Level
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Approved Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner Programs

Advanced Practice Specialist Programs

Administration Programs