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Student Labs

Technology for the millennial nurse

Technology for nursing education has come a long way since 1887, when the first nursing students at Penn had to provide their own thermometers, scissors, pins, and pin cushions. Today, each student learns in realistic simulated hospital rooms, uses electronic health records, iPads, and projection microscopes, and state-of-the-art basic science equipment. Penn Nursing unitesthe high-techwith the high-touch andis committed to shaping our students' experiences with the knowledge, tools, and best practices toinfluenceresearch, education, andcare around the world.

Fuld Pavilion for Innovative Learning and Simulation

The Helene Fuld Pavilion for Innovative Learning and Simulation at Penn Nursing prepares students for real-life nursing experiences usingthe most advancedsimulation equipment and instruction. The Fuld Pavilion expands Penn Nursing's simulation space to 7,000 square feet, equippedwith state-of-the-art learning toolswhich areintegrated with fundamental coursework and essential competencies to provide nursing students with a challenging but safe opportunity to review and assess the effectiveness of their skills, diagnostic instincts, and efficiency.

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Anatomy-Physiology Lab

The Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory has beentransformed into a high-tech educational setting. Projection microscopes and iPads stand side-by-side with muscle and skeletal models in this 21st century lab. Gone are the long lab benches that restricted interaction between student and instructor, replaced with small group tables for iPads and innovative teaching applications. Associate Professor Dr. Connie Scanga manages the iPads remotely, seamlessly conveying information and answering questions. A projection microscope enables her to project images directly onto a blackboard-sized screen. This allows students to see precisely what she is describing, be it a molecular structure or a dissection sample, creating a unified and effective learning experience.

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Nursing Research Lab

Penn Nursing is one of the few schools of nursing in the U.S. to host a dedicated nursing research lab focused on explorations across biological and behavioral factors to achieve translational -- bench-to-bedside -- science in the fields of physiology, nutrition, metabolism, neuroscience, biochemistry, and genetics, among others. The Laboratory of Innovative and Translational Nursing Researchis a vital, shared resourcewith a major emphasis onmentoring students and faculty who wish to become proficient in biobehavioral research methods.

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