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Consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top choices for nursing education, Penn Nursing is charged with advancing the entire profession, from practice to policy

Undergraduate and Transfer Programs

The undergraduate and transfer program uses hands-on, mentored education to transform what happens in the classroom to what happens in the clinical and beyond.

Accelerated Programs

The accelerated program suits students with ambition to expedite their education in order to enter a chosen career path as soon as possible.

Master’s Programs

The masters program offers the opportunity to step to the forefront of nursing science and practice in a wide range of specialties. 

Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral programs are committed to producing leaders in the field of nursing science, both in scholarship and research (PhD) and clinical scholarship and practice (DNP).

Featured Media


New Penn Nursing Study Investigates Link Between Bedside Nursing and Avoidable Readmissions for Older Black Patients

As many as a quarter of all older adults discharged from an acute hospitalization will return within thirty days. Readmissions like these result in increased healthcare costs, functional decline and greater need for skilled nursing when transitioning back to community settings. Older black patients bear a disproportionate risk of readmissions according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Our People

Penn Nursing Student Develops Holistic Diabetes Education Tool that can be Tailored for Global Communities

Early this year, Natalie Ball, BSN, RN, Nu’14, was named a delegate to the US-Mex Forum for Cooperative, Understanding and Solidarity (FoCUS) program. A group of 30 outstanding students from the United States and Mexico, the cohort benefits from a range of academic and cultural opportunities as they work on projects in preparation for the bi-annual FoCUS Summit, which brings all Delegates together at Stanford and ITAM.